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Eagle communication ltd will not be held responsible for any statements, errors, omissions or comments made on this site. The content of this website should be verified by the reader before taking any decision and Eagle communication ltd will not be responsible for any actions or decisions by the reader/user.

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External contributors to actu.mu who do not work for Eagle communication ltd accepts full responsibility for any articles, opinions or allegations he makes in the content he submits to actu.mu. Upon submission, it allows actu.mu to publish and use them, in part or in their entirety. These articles, opinions or allegations are attributable only to their author and should not reflect the editorial line of actu.mu

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The pages of actu.mu include advertisements submitted by third parties. These same parties are fully responsible for the content of these advertisements and Eagle communication ltd cannot be held responsible for any errors, omissions or inaccuracies in the content of these advertisements when they are submitted.

People wishing to use the advertising space available on actu.mu can make a request to sales@actu.mu.

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